Art Science Writing Racing

Welcome to K Street Studio

Art - Art in nature, unseen worlds, under the microscope.

Science - Materials science, the science of stuff. What is it, why is it, how do you make it better? Alice's looking glass was a Fourier transform. Jump through it, bend your brain a little, and the secrets of stuff will be revealed. Invert that transform to return, and no stuff will ever be ordinary again.

Writing - The universe is a story. It may be full of quarks, gluons, and neutrinos, but it is made up mostly of stories, billion year old stories drifting among galaxies, new stories being shot out of exploding stars at this moment, insane stories bubbling out of the ground nearby, and untold stories flying around inside my head, determined to get out.

Racing - There are at least 42 dimensions to this sport, and my goal is to experience every one of them.