Aesthetigraphs - FrameMy photography started out in the technical realm, not aesthetic and certainly not artistic, where I needed to document things for research. Usually, but not always, those things were on the other end of the objective lens of an optical microscope. What a wonderful challenge, trying to capture the color, the texture, the fantastic forms, using a tool that gave me less than a micron of depth of field to work in and only the most basic exposure control. But, I had filters, and polarizers, differential interference contrast and on occasion phase interference contrast, and I had the illumination of white light, tungsten light, and even UV. The results could be astonishing. Even in black and white the tiles and weaves in the microstructure of titanium can be striking. The bulbous forms in cast coppers and twinning in brass seem both familiar and alien. And I still think that one of the most beautiful things I have seen are the graphite rosettes in cast iron.

And then I took my camera outside.

I've added my photo gallery to this site not so much because I consider the photos art but because for me its the other kind of nature photography that I do.

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