The World's Fastest LeMon

Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats, a bucket-list item for all true motorheads. Every year the fastest land-based vehicles in the world come here in hopes of setting a new land speed record. It's a magical place. The exotic setting, the unbelievable cars, and the best people on earth. We simply had to run the Tinyvette there. Had to, or life would not be complete.

Unfortunately the Tinyvette would never be able to pass tech at Speed Week, or any other SCTA land speed record event. But no problem, a month later is the World of Speed event, hosted by the Utah Salt Flat Racers Association, and they run a couple of side events, one being the 130 MPH Club event and the other the 150 MPH Club event. These are standing 1 and 2 mile runs where the objective is to reach those speeds but not exceed them by more than 10 mph. Perfect. All you needed was a good car and a helmet. We had that. We were there.

The World's Fastest LeMon

How did it turn out? How fast did we go? You can read about it at Team Tinyvette's library, but I will just say here that in 2012 we were the first and only LeMons car to run there, and regardless of our speed we got to call ourselves the "Worlds Forever First and Currently Fastest LeMon".

Oh, and of course we have video. Here's video from our second run. Enjoy.

Team Tinyvette at the World of Speed from Mike Meier on Vimeo.