Carroll Shelby once said that he's never met a man who at one time, as a boy, didn't want to be a race car driver. I doubt the men he met represented a randomized sample and he may have overlooked a few women, but the point is well taken. I'd have been one of those men. I wanted to be a race car driver, and jet pilot, and cowboy (white hat). Unfortunately, other than herding some burgers I've never done any cowboying, so that's a no. I once sat in the vandalized Korean War-era airplane in a park in Goldsboro where I grew up, but that probably doesn't count. Soon after after I said goodbye to the pseudo-career that I had, and at the worst time possible for me financially, I bought a driver's suit and jumped into a pyramid-powered Mazda 323 and raced! Then Alan and I bought an Opel GT, built it up, and raced it. Holy crap, one of my childhood dreams came true! And it still is. I'm still racing that little yellow Opel.

This section of this web site tells a small part of the story of the racing I do with friends. There is a lot on the track days I did in my Honda Prelude while I was learning to drive and helping others learn to drive, some on our car and team (See the Team Tinyvette web site for more on that.), and some bits about making race videos and the Tinyvette's runs at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Side-by-side racing at Thunderhill Raceway
Try and tell me this doesn't look like fun. (Photo by Head-On Photos)