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Blue Screens for Track Videos

Add Your Track Data to Your Track Videos

BS4TV utilizes the blue screen technique to let you produce a video track that can be overlayed onto your video. All you do is import your GTech Pro data, enter a little additional information about your car, configure the replay screen to your liking, and click record to create the data track. Then using your favorite video editing software, you import this track, sync it with your track video, then render and export it. The sample video below shows the types of results you can get.

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BS4TV lets you import your GTech PASS data, view it in chart and tabular form, analyze the data, replay it on two styles of blue screen, record the replay, and print out essential information and charts. Here is a short list of BS4TV's main features:

  • Importing Data - Import your drag race and road race data that was exported by the G-Tech PASS software.  Support for other products will be available soon.
  • Exporting Data - The data are saved in a comma-separated file that can be imported into spreadsheets and other programs. All of the new vehicle, session, labeling, and calculated data are saved along with the original data.
  • Save Settings - Save and load your screen settings, and set the current settings as the program's defaults.
  • Vehicle Data - Enter your vehicle's make, model, year, weight, gearing, and more.  BS4TV can use this information to estimate speed, horsepower, and torque.
  • Corrections and Offsets - Enter roll and pitch factors to correct the G's data, and enter offsets for the elapsed time and speed for session when you were already rolling before you started recording the data.
  • Blue Screen Customization - change the size (from 320x240 to high-def to custom), color (i.e. green screen), size color and position of gauges and text panels, and more.
  • Blue Screen Capture - BS4TV includes the capability to capture the blue screen as a video during the data replay.
  • Road Race Mode
    • Displays lap times and run data in tables and in two charts: lap times (bar chart) and G's with rpm data
    • Analysis of session data, including min/max/average lap times, speeds, etc.
    • Automatically places the lap times in the replay-data table so that they will be displayed at the appropriate times during the relay
  • Drag Race Mode
    • Display of run data in tables and in two charts: dyno and speed
    • Analysis of drag race, including time-slip and dyno data
    • Automatically places the time-slip data in the replay-data table so that they will be displayed at the appropriate times during the relay
  • Zoom, scroll, and change the colors in the charts.
  • Units - supports US and metric units
  • Printouts
    • Printout of all essential data, all analyses and all charts
  • Tesla’s GTech Pro and PASS 2.0 software
  • Windows 2000 or later
  • Processor: 2 GHz or faster. BS4TV will still work on slower systems, but data may be skipped during preview replay. The record replay process will still work OK but will be slower than things were in real life.
  • Memory and hard disk space requirements are nominal. You just need to have enough free hard drive space to be able to store the video, roughly 1 GB for each 5 minutes of standard definition (720x480) video

Download and thumb through the manual to see for yourself what BS4TV does and how it does it.

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