Lead-follow GlyphI used to teach standing up in front of a room full of students, but now when I teach I get to sit. I've been instructing at the track with T.E.A.M. Racing for about 5 years and it has been fun. Plus, I have learned a lot from my students. Yea, that sounds like a standard teacher cliche, but it is true. It makes you look more closely at the way you drive, and why, to remember how you learned it, and most importantly how to convey those lessons to your students in as few words as possible.

The articles here cover some of these experiences include my teacher-student introduction, and other things I hope the novice driver will find useful.

Introductions Icon Student-instructor Introduction - plus what to expect in your first day at the track
Driving Icon How I Got Started - Why couldn't someone have told me about this years ago?
Under Construction Exercises - things to try that will help you learn to drive better
Under Construction How to Heel-toe Downshift - This is not for beginners, but it is an important thing to know how to do. Plus, I think this part is half the fun of track driving.

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Photo used for the lead-follow glyph by GotBlueMilk. Many thanks!