Track Video

Track Video GlyphThe only thing more fun than driving like a crazed teenager at a real race track is watching yourself do it on TV. Ok, maybe not like a crazed teenager. Anyone driving like that would get ejected from the premises pretty quick. But track videos are still fun, and very instructional. Really. Instructional. You can learn a lot from settling in on your living room couch, with friends, to watch your bold and flawless driving, only to see yourself missing every third apex, never getting turn 3 quite right, screwing up more downshifts than you thought possible, listening to your lazy upshifts, and of course, watching all those Miatas pass you and pull away effortlessly.

These pages are meant for the track-day enthusiast and club racer who wants to get into making videos of their adventures, er, education.

Video Equipment Icon Track Video Equipment - notes and recommendations for the components of a track video system
Video Installation Installing Your Video Equipment - notes and recommendations installing your equipment in the car
Flim Strip Icon Recording Your Track Video - Being both the driver and the video guy is not as easy as it looks.
Copyright Icon Copyright Issues - things to consider when you want to use other people's original material in your videos
Tips Icon Tips - Tips on shooting in-car and track-side video