NEW:Update 2008

The 2008 National Educator's Workshop (NEW:Update 2008) was held in Hartford, CT from November 2-5, 2008. This workshop gives instructors a chance to share tips, tricks and experiments used in the materials science laboratory courses being taught at universities, community colleges and technical schools and even high schools. It was organized by Mary Kay Bredeson at Edmonds Community College and was sponsored by Edmonds Community College, MatEd, Materials and Processes Development Center, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, NIST, Norfolk State University, NASA, Boeing, North Carolina A&T, Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures, University of Washington's Materials Science and Engineering Department, and ASM Materials Education Foundation.

I did not present any papers this year, but I did take the photographs and I video taped some of the keynote speaker's talks and several of the papers that were presented. The video from this workshop is shown below.

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