NEW:Update 2002

This year the National Educator's Workshop (NEW:Update 2002) was held in San Jose, CA from October 13-16, 2002. This workshop gives instructors a chance to share tips, tricks and experiments used in the materials science laboratory courses being taught at universities, community colleges and technical schools and even high schools across north America.  It was organized by Jim Jacobs at Norfolk State University and was sponsored by the NASA-Langley, IBM, San Jose State University, Seagate, SEMI, UltratechStepper, Norfolk State University, Department of ENergy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and ASM International Foundation.

Materials Characterization of a Gibeon IVA Meteorite
By: Dave Woodbury and Mike Meier
This was a poster prepared by Dave Woodbury, a junior from Chico High, who worked at U.C. Davis during the summer on an independent metallography project.  In this work the meteorite was sections, polished and etched, and analyzed using optical microscopy, x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy.  The meteorite was identified in terms of its composition and microstructure (fine octahedrite, shocked). Several non-metallic inclusions were found to be chromite and dauberite.

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A non-metallic inclusion in a kamacite band.  Minerals present in this inclusion includes chromite and dauberite.

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Oxygen Diffusion into Titanium
By: Aaron Broumas, Nick Degnan, and Mike Meier
This paper describes an experiment in which microhardness is used to measure the oxygen diffusivity in commercial purity titanium. This experiment was derived from similar work done in the 1950's and 60's. Both optical and scanning electron microscopy were used in this work and a spreadsheet was used to simultaneously solve for several unknowns parameters. The results were in agreement with published results. It was noted that the polished samples used in this work can be used again in a grain growth kinetics of titanium experiment.

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SEM Image of the diagonal pattern of hardness indentations that let us make many hardness measurements near the surface.

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