1998 Honda Prelude

Honda Glyph

I bought the car new and drove it more of less like a normal person would for about 4 years until I took it to one of the SCCA Street Schools at Thunderhill. I learned so much about driving that day, and not just fast driving, which I wasn't, but tires, brakes, basics of cornering, and had so much fun, that taking it to the track has become an addiction.

Driving Icon Driving - impressions and experiences driving this car
Prelude 3 Icon Specifications - a brief list of factory specifications
Prelude 2 Icon Modifications - a rundown of the modifications, and why I made each one, plus a brief list of all modifications
Prelude 1 Icon Performance - as reported by the media, plus some of my own data
Prelude 5 Icon Media - the Honda Prelude in the press and screen
Prelude 6 Icon CARB - A summary of California Air Resources Board rules and executive orders relating to aftermarket parts for the Honda Prelude (all generations)