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This page lists and links you to articles, videos, and related materials that have been published about the 5th Gen Prelude.


  • Car and Driver, "'97 Imports, Honda Prelude SH", pp. 48-53, November 1996.
    • An introduction of the 5th-gen Prelude
    • Notes the price and cost factors that may be a factor in declining sales.
    • Comments on the styling and the engine improvements.
    • A lot of attention is paid to the ATTS system.
    • Notes other improvements, such as stiffer chassis, and excellent handling characteristics.
  • Motor Trend, "Honda Prelude, Now a hotter high-tech Sport Coupe", November 1996.
    • Notes that the Prelude has been Honda's technology test bed
    • The author is impressed with the exterior and interior styling and design changes.
    • Chassis bending stiffness has increased 55% and torsional stiffness by 24%.
    • Article includes detailed specifications and performance data.
  • Road & Track, "Honda Prelude Type SH", pp.88-92, November 1996.
    • The author notes the Prelude's reputation for performance and implementations of Honda's technology developments, and notes that the most significant changes for the 5th-gen is in styling and luxury. 
    • The automatic sport-shift transmission and the ATTS systems are discussed.
  • Motor Trend, "Battle of the VTECs: Honda Prelude SH Meets Acura Integra Type R", pp. 128-129, September 1997.
    • The article concludes that the Type R is the higher performer, while the Prelude has more creature comforts.
  • Car and Driver, "Coupes de Grace Redux", pp. 91 - 107, December 1999.
    • A comparison of the Acura Integra GS-R, Honda Prelude, Mercury Cougar V-6, Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, Toyota Celica GT-S, and Volkswagen GTI GLX.
    • The Honda Prelude took first place, with the authors citing its quickest 0-60 mph time, tying with the Eclipse for the quickest 1/4-mile time, the only perfect score for the transmission, the only perfect score for handling, and tied with the Eclipse and GTI for best ride and driver comfort.
  • Car and Driver, "The Best-Handling Cars for Less Than $30,000", June 1997.
    • The Prelude was given this honor.
  • Sport Compact Car, "From Prelude to Finale", May 2002
    • A brief history of the Honda Prelude.
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Mike Coleman (NotoriousSH) made two tribute videos for the 5th-Gen Prelude. The first one was so well received on PreludeOnline that he solicited photographs from members of the Prelude community and put out a sequel. Both have since been uploaded to StreetFire and I have embedded them here.

The Original Tribute Video

The Sequel

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